New Hearing Services at Epichealth Portarlington

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Hearing loss affects millions of Australians, with one in six individuals experiencing some form of impairment. At Epichealth Portarlington, we are proud to introduce our new hearing services in partnership with Apex Hearing, designed to address the needs of our Bellarine community and enhance quality of life.

What is Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often begins subtly, gradually impacting various aspects of daily life. Typically starting around the age of 60-65, or sometimes earlier, it initially affects the ability to perceive high-pitched sounds. This can make speech comprehension challenging, especially in noisy environments like restaurants or cafes. Often, individuals may perceive speech as being loud enough but struggle with clarity, particularly when it comes to distinguishing consonants.

The first signs of hearing loss can be hard to notice and may include:

  • Having trouble hearing in noisy places
  • Having trouble hearing conversations and understanding what people say
  • Have trouble understanding people unless they are facing you, or often needing to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Sounds are muffled, as though people are mumbling
  • Turning up the TV louder than other people
  • Often missing your phone or the doorbell ringing
  • Hearing a buzzing or ringing in your ears
  • Finding that loud noises cause you more discomfort than before

Services Offered with Apex Hearing

At Epichealth Portarlington we have partnered up with Apex Hearing to provide comprehensive hearing solutions to meet your needs. Whether it is a earwax build-up causing temporary impairment or age-related hearing loss requiring ongoing management, we are here to help.

Apex Hearing services include:

  • Free Hearing Tests: Take the first step towards better hearing with our complimentary hearing tests, conducted by our expert audiologists.
  • Hearing Aid Check: For those who already use hearing aids, we offer free check-ups to ensure your devices are functioning optimally and meeting your needs.
  • 30-Day Trial of the Invisible in the Canal Device: Experience the latest in hearing technology with our risk-free trial of the invisible in-the-canal device.
  • Wax Check Appointments: Don’t let earwax buildup interfere with your hearing. Schedule a wax check appointment with us to ensure your ears are clean and clear.

Meet The Expert: Orlando Zilich

Orlando Apex HearingLeading the team at Apex Hearing is Orlando Zilich, a highly experienced audiologist with a passion for helping others. Graduating from Padua University with a Master of Audiology, Orlando brings over 40 years of clinical expertise to our practice.

He is a full member of the Australian College of Audiology and a registered practitioner for Medicare, Workcover, and the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program.

Book a Free Hearing Test

Take the first step towards optimal hearing and better connections with those who matter most. Call Apex Hearing at 03 95216118 to schedule your appointment.


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