Epichealth Langwarrin Launches New Service

Skin cancer checks at Epichealth Portarlington

At Epichealth Medical Clinic Langwarrin, your skin health is our priority. We understand that concerns about skin conditions can be unsettling, and timely detection is key to effective treatment. That is why we are excited to offer comprehensive full body skin checks, conducted by our experienced general practitioners.

Key Considerations for Booking a Full Body Skin Check

  • Sun Exposure History: If you have had sunburn or spend significant time outdoors, a skin check is crucial. Prolonged sun exposure increases the risk of skin damage and potential skin cancer development.
  • Changes in Spots or Moles: Any alterations in the shape, size, or colour of a mole or spot should be examined by a medical professional.
  • Non-healing Sores: Sores that resist healing may indicate underlying skin issues that require attention.
  • Family History: If you are concerned about your family’s history of skin health issues, a full body skin check can offer peace of mind or prompt early intervention if necessary.

What Happens During Your Skin Check

Our general practitioners employ a dermascope to carefully examine your skin for suspicious moles, lesions, or irregularities that may indicate skin cancer. This painless and non-invasive examination ensures your comfort throughout the process.

Furthermore, our clinic is equipped to handle most skin conditions on-site. From diagnosis to treatment and management, our GPs provide a streamlined process. Our caring medical staff ensures long-term follow-up and customised care plans for your peace of mind.

Schedule your Full Body Skin Check Today

Don’t wait to prioritise your skin health. Call us at (03) 9044 0010 to book your skin check at Epichealth Medical Clinic Langwarrin. Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with the most accurate and relevant assessment of your skin health. Take the first step towards a healthier you.


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